2020 (Revised) Retreat Programme

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*No previous meditation or artistic experience is needed on any of the retreats. 

*All art materials are included in the fee, a huge range is offered over the course of the year. 

Saturday June 6th
Mandalas And Nature Art

This will be a very peaceful and meditative retreat, focusing on the circular nature of existence. Planning, collecting materials for, and making a personal mandala is a wonderfully engrossing activity to undertake: often leading to deeper insights about oneself and the inner rhythms of life. As it is a summer retreat, you’ll have the choice to be creative outside or inside. (N.B. Bring a sunhat and wear old clothes!)

  • Create a beautiful mandala

  • Imaginative exploration using natural materials

  • Meditations to support the process of centering

  • Nourishing, mindful, satisfying

“Each person’s life is like a mandala – a vast, limitless circle. We stand at the centre of our own circle, and everything we see, hear, and think forms the mandala of our life”.

Saturday July 11th

Rivers Flow, Winds Blow, Fire Glows, Earth Knows

We’re all fairly familiar with the character and expression of each of the 4 elements in nature: today offers a close look at how they can help us develop spiritually. The elements within are expressed in our hearts and minds as vision, freedom, transformation, healing, grounding, flowing, nurturing and more. Creatively we’ll be working with 3-D materials, eg. clays, along with 2-D media. As a summer retreat, you may choose to be outside or inside. Rediscover the powerful natural healing energy within each of us!

  • Beautiful meditations on nature

  • Balancing and deepening inner harmony

  • Opportunity to use clays and other modelling media

  • Becoming more connected inside and out

“When you have clay in your hands, it’s hard to avoid making something!”

Saturday August 8th (rescheduled from April 25th)

Painting The Light

Saturday April 25th

Painting The Light

When we think about it, we realize that painting is pure magic – it is, after all, about creating illusions. We take a flat surface and turn it into apparent 3-D solidity.

In ‘Painting the light’ we’ll discover how to create some of those wonderful illusions.  

This is a perfect retreat to reflect the growing, atmospheric light of spring in all its freshness and loveliness. We’ll be using various exciting and flowing media to discover different practices.

  • Meditations mark out the day as we paint from an inner stillness

  • Fluid art, veil painting, using rollers and more

  • Fascinating and fun, absorbing tricks of the magician’s trade!

  • Relaxed, and could be messy: wear old clothes!

'In nature, light creates the colour:  in painting, colour creates the light’

September 12th and 13th

Mind & Spirit: It's A Fine Feast!

Do you love to play with colour and texture? If you’d relish a weekend away from the noise and busyness of everyday life to spend a weekend of peaceful creativity, centred in meditation and mindfulness, then this is for you! I offer you an abundant array of materials such as fabrics, threads, wools, beads, paints and textiles, etc. to use and enjoy. This will be a chance to completely immerse yourself in a relaxing and nourishing weekend whilst you create a lasting and lovely piece for your home.

  • Restorative, relaxing and centering

  • Weekend feast of abundant materials for weaving, beading, textiles, wools, etc.

  • Wall-hangings, sacred jewellery, dream-catchers, etc. – the choice is yours

  • Warm and friendly small group

“We are all beads woven together on the same thread of love”.

Saturday, October 10th (rescheduled from March 28th)

Conversations: Colour & Music

Soul languages come together at this special retreat.

Have you ever been curious to find out more about how music and colour speak to each other, or perhaps you instinctively sense their relationship?

It is an inspiring and intriguing world to enter, and here we will be exploring our intuitive and individual relationships to not only music and colour but also to words and poetry.

By the end of the day you may be hearing colour and seeing sound!

  • Meditations give rise to deliciously spontaneous and effortless creativity

  • Colourful, musical and poetic, all in one!

  • Wide range of expressive materials to hand

  • Thoroughly enjoyable and a welcome herald to the return of the light after the long winter!   

The painter Joan Miro said “I try to apply colours like words that shape poems, like notes that shape music.”

Saturday November 7th

Wisdom Feeds The Heart, Beauty Restores The Soul

 A very enriching retreat recalling some of the enduring wisdom stories, or ‘teaching tales’ as they are often called. These continue to reveal beautiful truths for each of us, often by using humour, but always displaying precious insights into human nature, human longings, and the paradoxes of life. ‘Be still and know’ as you enjoy the subtleties of these wonderful stories. This is both a fun and reflective retreat to prepare us with food for the heart over winter, and to end our retreat year.

  • Creatively satisfying with a large range of materials on offer

  • Light and laughter in the growing winter darkness

  • A collection of stories to keep and use

  • Meditations centered on wisdom, compassion and beauty

‘Nasrudin was busy sprinkling crumbs on the ground around his house.

A neighbour saw him and asked, "Nasrudin, what are you doing?"

He replied, "I’m keeping the tigers away."

“But there aren't any tigers in these parts," the neighbour retorted. 

"That’s right," said Nasrudin, "thanks to my crumbs."

September 12th & 13th

Mind & Spirit: It’s A Fine Feast!

Saturday February 29th 
Conversations: Colour & Music

November 7th

Wisdom Feeds The Heart, Beauty Restores The Soul

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