'Lovely retreat - good pace and quietly structured. I feel heartened. So pleased that my friend invited me with her, a real treat.

Very gentle atmosphere and encouragement from Lin is much appreciated. I enjoyed exploring the beautiful ideas as well as being able to enjoy painting and creating. 

I felt totally at home and found the meditations exhilarating. Everything flowed along nicely. I will be back for the next. Love and gratitude to Lin.'



'Awakening, being

Seeing, being

Hearing, being

Tasting, being

Smelling, being




'What a lovely out-breath! - thank you - on arrival, my hands and spirit were itching! Now feel very satisfied. Lovely meditations and good balance between thinking/discussing and doing. All a "flowing peace", and LOVELY to "come home to myself". I just enjoyed the whole day, and the freedom.'



'Another beautiful, nourishing retreat with beautiful people. Bliss! :-) thank you.'

A few comments from 2019...

Brilliant balance between being and doing, thanks for  your guidance.’


‘REALLY enjoyed – very thought-provoking, therapeutic and reassuring, wonderful!’


‘A beautiful healing weekend with laughter and learning, and above all your care and wisdom.’


‘Loved the meditations, fantastic range of materials, lovely welcoming group.’


‘Encouraged & supported to ‘look deeply’, see what comes up… much satisfaction and enjoyment.’


‘An exciting, interesting – and colourful! - day in a warming, relaxing atmosphere.’

'As always you have a way of going straight to the nub and knowing what's needed. It has been really grounding and it felt just right. I love the combination of meditation and creativity together.

I've had a truly lovely day and feel very relaxed.

Had some very useful inner thoughts and insight, and learnt some 'freeing' techniques - breathing and art-wise. I can see a more creative future!

I have gained a lot from this retreat.'



'Thank you so much for a wonderful weekend - I am so glad I made it. Arrived an exhausted, quivering wreck and left a peaceful and serene person. I found the whole experience so therapeutic and very rewarding, and the deep creativity so satisfying. A perfectly lovely weekend.'



'Thanks so much for providing this opportunity to explore the inner space and express it in outer form. At times I felt quite stuck - but it was a great pleasure, relief and joy, to find that something precious emerged from that. You have a way of creating an unusual, extraordinary space, and with so many materials and tools for us to use. Thank you so much!'



'At last I let go of any expectation and all concern about what other people are doing, and let it flow….I love the result! Such a splendid retreat in so many inspiring ways, special time with special people.'



'A wonderful day, a wonderful birthday present. Thank you so much, Lin, for a great retreat. I feel it is a watershed in my life, I will not see things in the same way again. Lovely memories to take away, and much to continue to think about, focus on, and work with. Very good to work with mindfulness.'



'I so enjoyed exploring so many techniques, it's like having a wonderful feast, a lot to digest quietly. In what I have achieved this weekend, I see potential for exploration, from what is around me in nature, and from what I have learnt of the meditation and mindfulness practices. Really exciting and transformative! I look forward to experiencing more, full of wonderment and with no expectations. Thanks and love.'



'I arrived shattered and left reborn! What a wonderful day. I leave with spring in my step! Thank you!'




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