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These inspiring retreats offer a satisfying path into being creative whilst enjoying some all-important time for quiet, mindfulness and renewal.


They take place in a warm and friendly atmosphere, with the focus on engaged contemplation; whether through the 'out-breath' of creative activity (with a wide range of materials being provided over the year), or by the 'inbreath' of breathing awareness and mindfulness, itself based in time-honoured wisdom. Together, they help cultivate a peaceful mind and give great enjoyment!


All encouragement and support is given to develop your own imaginative ideas and responses. That everyone expresses themselves in their own particular way adds great richness to the experience.

In trusting the process, ideas arise effortlessly in the moment, with a spontaneous grace of their own...


Each retreat is suitable for everyone, whether they be a rather hesitant beginner or are highly experienced in meditative creativity.


As and when circumstances allow, with regard to Covid-19, we will schedule each retreat at a time with as much notice as possible.

By filling in the 'Contact Us' page and registering your interest, we will then be able to give you priority opportunity to book your place.

Join us for daily posts on Facebook at 'Way Of Creativity,' and keep up to date on all retreat news.

Or keep to up to date with retreat dates as they are scheduled, visit

Make 2021 Your Year for bringing more colour, creativity, insight and delight into your life!

If I create from the heart, nearly everything works: if from the head, almost nothing.” ~ Marc Chagall



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